Friday, August 19, 2016

Sublime Innocence welcomes 5 new nations--Karibuni sana

Sublime Innocence has new public admirers, and you all are welcome.

 I would like to welcome these five nations. I am quite impressed really coz you don't even speak English as a National language but still.. you are here..

1. Dominican Republic
I would love to walk this path one day

2. Israel
I would love to sit here one morning

3. Saudi Arabia
Now I am hungry for some curried potatoes

4. China
Sublime Innocence made in China?

5. Indonesia. Terima Kasir Kawan saya.
Indonesia,you are in my mind.
But old fans as well deserve a mention.
Kenya never disappoints...
 I have readers in Russia, that's vodcool.
 USA has been my biggest fan, but France is also a buddy.
 Keep reading, my Innocent people. Love you all.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Little humming bird poem

As sunrise warmed and calmed the receding sea
 The little humming bird set his foot on a dewy leaf,
Swaying in the gentle breeze.

Petals fell off the vine, scattered on the wet sand below
And he,
full of the morning lightness, chuckled inside himself-
Another morning,  another victory.
He carried it inside his chest.
 This morning the humming bird seemed to have a secret tune inside
A song that spread his joy about him.
 The sun golden on his back.
The humming bird that sat on a vine chuckling away.
We could tell tales of the morning
But we’d never know the real stories that fired the joy within
The laughter, the resounding
Pure joy in himself.

Perhaps it was the intoxication
Of the sea beyond
As the lacey waves touched the reef,
Sweeping away sea weed, sea life, sea..
The humming bird saw it and sang another cheerful tune that rose and fell with the waves at CP1.

And as a gentle breeze raised the fresh soft petals off the white sand,
He flew away happily.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What June taught me, what July is proving to be in five simple phrases.

Indecision is a time waster
Postponing a decision doesn’t make it go away.

 It just adds to you unnecessary options that rattle your mind and you cannot think of what it was you wanted to do. A decision will eventually have to be made, and unless you make it you won’t know whether it was a good one or a bad one. You might find out you have shot yourself in the foot, bitten more than you can chew but having regrets is worse than the bad decision. Just limp away on your good foot and find the good bits in the new decision. That’s my new motto.

I have a mean streak

And oh God I really need to get rid of it. Something about treating others the way they treat me. People are kind and thoughtful. I am not always kind and thoughtful and I can be quite mean. Sometimes I think maybe it’s coz I feel it may not be appreciated, or taken the wrong way. But that is a cliché excuse.
Take your brain to work

I once got some writing work from a client who really didn’t know what they wanted. It was hard trying to interpret their request and I spent quite a sum on the job. It didn’t end well and I felt cheated and insulted by a claim they made. Said I hide behind computers instead of meeting with my clients.
It was true; but truth is, such face to face meetings scare me. I am never sure if I will be able to express myself clearly, afraid they will discover I don’t have all the answers, and mostly rely on search engines and my smart friends.
Meetings mean, I got to dress up, arrange my hair, and arrange my thoughts.
But I read an article here (bad assery) that said something about not letting your big ideas go unseen. And so I tried, and spoke up an idea I had, and the idea pleased those that heard it and pretty soon I had to go decent shirt shopping coz I had a bunch of other meetings scheduled. So I am gonna let people take a peek of my brain once in a while.

God is in control
I was gonna write supernatural forces are in control . But that is not always positive so,,, But it is the only way I can explain why I haven’t burnt down my house, got shot in the head, been exiled. Coz really sometimes I’m not sure how I get by. I am 25% crazy and 70% insane and most times my brain is over there while it’s supposed to be here looking out for me.
in the wild without a single care in the world
I have walked right into danger wearing nothing but flip flops, I’ve been missed by speeding cars, and a highway bus yesterday. And onetime I found myself in a deserted 10 plus acre compound, chatting up two men who were cleaning out a very deep swimming pool. I wanted to look at the old colonial house I saw while taking a walk, alone.

I’m quite attached to friends and family
June, May and Ciss

Ironic as it may sound considering my mean streak, free spirit, leave me alone behavior, I’m quite a sucker when dealing with the above set of people. With family, it’s usually the many sleepless nights when I feel I am not doing as much as I need to be doing for them, like calling oftener, and even though we don’t agree in everything, they are the best.
With friends it’s not wanting to part when we meet, yet knowing how much we value the spaces in between, and how often I get amazed by how much they get me when, they text me instead of calling when it’s something important coz they know I need to think about it before I can talk it over, And how we all got the same service provider so we can make two hour phone calls, and skype so we can see how the other is looking. The little notes, notebooks, hats and music they keep in supply.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

5 winter fashions I'm gonna try and look fab

 I have the books but I gave my jacket that looked like this to malimali..
still shopping for thick white sweater, granny had some white seat covers which I could borrow and stitch myself one....
it won't be hard to find a hard leather bag...
 and when it gets under 20 degrees you will find me here... my duvet will do a fine job here.
 If you are cold it's all your fault na shauri yako.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Legal Weed: 5 Types of weed that are completely legal.

This is practically what I fed by rabbits everyday, after fighting off the sheep that would start pulling the pile from under my armpits, I’d stagger to the hatches and pack up these weeds. We discovered they are edible later in life. Mũng’ei is soft, and better mixed with the following four. If you have heart burns and acid influx, chew some of this too, the juice is as good as any anti acid.

If on a Sunday afternoon, you have ever walked through a maize farm that has not been weeded, wearing your viscose cotton dress, perhaps to pick some green maize to roast by the fire, you know this weed. And you know if that was not your favorite dress you might have set it on fire that same day. The seeds have a way of dispersing themselves by attaching them to Sunday wear.

Mũhehenje or mũcege has a strong aroma so, use only a few leaves. I am told it can used in place of tea leaves too. Will try in August.


In January, there are few green leaves to be got, but this weed survives it all. So we would feed it to the rabbits. You can use it in mashed food too. It’s texture is like pumpkin leaves, so you know you’ve got to mix it with something lighter.

Mũriaria/ mũthũnga,

Mũriaria means, it secrets milk. And this is rabbit’s favourite dinner. But if you are in Malindi, you will see it being sold in bunches next to spinach. It is a little bit bitter, but they tell me it prevents malaria and is high in magnesium.

I had to eat this one to believe you could it without poisonig yourself. I know cows love it. It doesn’t have a distinct taste, but I was told it is rich in iron.

There is more than one way to make a maize meal go down as you can see.